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Say Goodbye To Swatches & Static Product Images

LookBookX™ provides an interactive digital lookbook experience that let's your customers mix and match styles, prints, and colors in a fun and elevated way!

  • Empower your sales team with LookBookX™ so they can combine outfits and show them to customers in real time

  • For custom clothing and suits, go beyond fabric swatches and let customers see how different print, color, and style choices will look together before they buy

  • Provide a personalized digital experience that sets you apart from your competition

Trying To Envision How Different Pieces, Prints, Or Colors Will Look As An Outfit?

This is difficult for most customers and leads to returns, abandoned carts, and a missed opportunity to build a loyal customer for life. We have a solution:

Showcase Your Products In A New Way

That Captivates Your Customers And Empowers Your Sales Team

Mix & Match Pieces to Build Outfits

Go beyond the outfits you have styled together in photos. Allow customers or your sales team to mix and match any piece, color, or print to see how they will look together.

Multiple Body Profiles

Build outfits on avatars with different body types without the need to have photographed garments on many different models.

Go Beyond Swatches

Rather than showing a customer a fabric swatch, show customers how different fabrics and prints will look for their custom suit or clothing.

Engage Customers Online & In-Person

Sales associates can engage customers on a tablet and show them outfit choices before pulling items for them to try on. They can even email or text the image to the customer! Customers can engage directly with LookBookX online to try out different outfit combinations.

3D Garments

See garments in stunning 3D detail and go beyond flat 2d images to see how garments drape and work together.

Market Research & Outfit Analytics

Gather invaluable data about what pieces customers try on together. Use this to build and style future collections, craft marketing emails, and develop compelling social media campaigns.

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What is LookBookX™
And Why Does My Company Need It?

As a part of Couture Technologies™ AI-powered product suite, LookBookX™ is a cutting-edge AI-enabled Interactive look book redefining apparel presentation, showcasing garments in stunning 3D detail and offering multiple body profiles for personalized experiences. It's not just a tool; it's a visionary platform that integrates outfit analytics, enabling brands to harness customer-driven data for future fashion directions like never before.

Couture Technologies™ is a deep technology and data analytics company providing novel solutions that utilize 3D simulations and machine learning to solve some of the greatest challenges in the retail industry.

Provide An Interactive Experience Unlike Anything Your Customers Have Seen Before

Leverage AI to Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Getting Started is Easy.

Step 1

Schedule a call with our team. 

Step 2

We'll digitize your garments and create LookBookX™ experience.

Step 3

Empower your sales team and customers with the ability to go beyond a static look book, image, or swatch.

Deliver Interactive & Engaging Experiences


  • No more swatches or static outfit images

  • Get started in less than a week

  • Show customers you are a digital forward brand that cares about their experience

  • Learn about your customers style and preferences in order to drive more effective marketing and future loyalty

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Get LookBookX™ Today

Businesses and apparel brands that adopt LookBookX™ can provide a fun and elevated experience that drives customer engagement and loyalty like never before. Go beyond static outfit images and traditional LookBookX™ to allows your customers and sales team to mix and match any pieces, prints, and colors.

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