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Need To Capture Accurate Body Measurements Quickly And Easily? 

Introducing MeasureX™

Streamline the process of getting precise body measurements from your customers. Whether you provide custom tailored suits, fitness training, personal styling, or bridal gowns, MeasureX™ can provide the measurements you need from your customers in less than 1 minute.

Getting Accurate Body Measurements Can Be Challenging

Even if your customers have measuring tape, they often don't know how to determine the correct placement and how tight it needs to be in order to get the measurements you need accurately. MeasureX™ is the solution for not only getting accurate measurements, but also for enhancing the experience for your customers. To get started:

1. Schedule a brief call with our team

2. We'll set up a dashboard for your company

3. Share a QR code with your customers and view their measurements in your dashboard

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MeasureX™ Transforms The Way Body Measurements Are Taken

As a part of Couture Technologies AI-powered product suite, MeasureX™ empowers users to capture precise measurements through a sequence of photos on their mobile device, tablet, or laptop. By harnessing AI and sophisticated computer vision algorithms, MeasureX creates a 3D representation of the user's body, ensuring highly accurate measurements. Couture Technologies is a deep technology and data analytics company providing novel solutions that utilize 3D simulations and machine learning to solve some of the greatest challenges in the retail industry.

Everyone Is Using AI and So Can You

MeasureX™ Works Across Industries

Size Recommendations

With your customer's measurements, you can provide accurate size recommendations for apparel.

Uniform Fitting

Get employees into the right size uniform without the need for a costly in-person fittings.

Fitness and Health

Establish a body measurement baseline and track changes over time as you help customers meet their fitness goals.

Virtual Try-Ons

Measurements from MeasureX™ can be combined with our VisualizeX™ product to enable customers to see how apparel items will look and fit on their body prior to purchase.

Fashion Design and Production

Use body models that reflect your actual customers' body profiles in order to streamline your new product development and testing process.

Market Research

Create body measurement datasets to help your company better understand changes in consumer trends and preferences.

MeasureX Is Quick & Easy

Customers put on fitted clothing and can complete the measurement process in less than 1 minute from the comfort of their own home.

  • Snap 2 photos 

  • Enter height and weight

  • Get accurate measurements

We tailor the number of body measurements we capture based on the needs of your business.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience and Streamline Operations

Leverage AI & Machine Learning To Gain A Competitive Advantage In 4 Simple Steps

No App To Download

Customers can access MeasureX™ from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop camera.

Self-Guided Process

Our simple, yet fun video and image instructions guide customers to capture two images from any camera-enabled electronic device. *As per our privacy policy - We do not store photos.

Measurement Precision

Using these images, we build a 3D model of the person's body and extract their measurements. All in under a minute.

Company Dashboard

These measurements are immediately captured in your company's dashboard and can be viewed, exported in multiple formats, and stored for future use with no added data storage fees.

Vicky Pache, CEO & Co-Founder, Dapper Boi

“Our Couture Technologies partnership enhances Dapper Boi’s mission of disrupting the fashion industry’s limited sizing and gender representation. As an e-commerce brand, our customers will love this. Dapper Boi and Couture Technologies are embracing the future of inclusive fashion with access to clothes that truly fit you inside and out.”

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Businesses and apparel brands that adopt MeasureX™ experience a transformation – from dealing with challenges obtaining accurate measurements to providing customers with a modern, tech-enabled approach that enhances their overall brand image and increasing customer satisfaction.

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