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Virtual Fitting Technology That Helps Online Apparel Shoppers

Get The Right Fit.
The First Time.

Maximize your e-comm business with
AI-powered virtual try-on solutions.




Customers Have A Choice Of Where They Shop Online.

Is Your Brand Doing Everything It Can To Ensure Your Customers Get The Best Possible Online Shopping Experience?

73% Cart Abandonment Rate

10% Rise In Shipping and Supply Chain Disruption

95% Increase In Returns by 2025

Many companies are slow to action when it comes to integration of new technology, or they opt for cheaper substitutes in place of options that could sustain and ultimately grow their businesses. The need for AI and automation is more paramount than ever. See how apparel brands and workwear companies are using virtual fitting technology to reduce returns, and increase conversions.

How Couture Tech Helps Your Customers Get The Right Fit, The First Time.

Virtual Try On Virtual Garments

Virtual Garments

Authentic 3D virtual garments that accurately reflect products that exist in real life. These can be built using anything from photos and text descriptions to dim specs and .dxf files.

Virtual Try On FitVisualizer


Fit Visualizer is a website add-on that allows an apparel brand to quickly integrate virtual try on technology so their customers can visualize exactly how an item or even a full outfit will look and fit on their body.

Virtual Try On FitMap
Virtual Try On FitMap


Our proprietary patent pending FitMap allows customers to see where an item will fit loose or tight on their body and make the fit choice that aligns with their personal fit preferences. 

Why You Should Integrate Virtual Fitting Into Your Brand's Website.

Unlike the paper doll approach or outdated size recommendation tools, Couture Technologies empowers customers see how clothing will fit online, select their preferred fit, and know with confidence that when items arrive on their doorstep it will fit the same way it fit on their Virtual Avatar.

Consumer Confidence

Give your customers a safe and easy way to try on clothes with the confidence of knowing they will get the right fit every time.

Environmental Sustainability

Feel confident knowing you helped decrease the billions of garment waste from manufacturing and apparel returns that end up in landfills each year.

Retail Sustainability

Imagine reducing returns by 50% and increasing conversion by over 30% with online shopping. 

What Makes Us The Right Fit For You. 

Combine Outfits

Customers can try on multiple outfits and combine clothing to see how their favorite garments will look together.

No App Required

Customers can use our Virtual Try-On right from their favorite brand website without having to download an app.

Two Quick Photos

Customers take two quick photos from a computer or mobile camera, enter height and weight, and get truly accurate measurements.


At Couture Technologies, our innovative software solutions help industry leading brands achieve greater success. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help change the online shopping. In order to empower our clients to grow, Couture Technologies is continually building upon its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes.


For a demo, click the link below.

Virtual Try On


The Perfect Fit. At Home or Work. 

Couture Technologies is perfectly tailored to fit any apparel brand from multi-billion dollar workwear to fashion brands. We seamlessly integrate into any website with 3 lines of code and help you digitally reproduce your garments, so you customers can see exactly how clothing will look - but more importantly - how it will fit. 

Apparel Brands

Workwear Brands

Vicky Pache, CEO & Co-Founder, Dapper Boi

“Our Couture Technologies partnership enhances Dapper Boi’s mission of disrupting the fashion industry’s limited sizing and gender representation. As an e-commerce brand, our customers will love this. Dapper Boi and Couture Technologies are embracing the future of inclusive fashion with access to clothes that truly fit you inside and out.”

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Get our latest White Paper on everything you need to know about Virtual Fitting technology.

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