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Couture Technologies™

We Help Brands Create Personalized, AI-Powered Customer Experiences

In-Store And Online To Reduce Returns And Drive Sales.

Set Your Company Apart With:
  • Virtual Fitting & Try-On​

  • Interactive Look Books

  • Virtual Body Measurement System

  • 3D Product Visualizations


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Is Your Brand Doing Everything Possible To Ensure Your Customers Get The Best Shopping Experience?

73% Cart Abandonment Rate

62% of fashion consumers struggle to find clothing that fits

95% Increase In Returns by 2025

In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, the stakes have never been higher for businesses to acquire and retain customers. Picture abandoned shopping carts, missed sales, and frustrated shoppers clicking away to your competitors. These aren't just hypothetical scenarios – they're real challenges every brand is facing.


But what if there was a solution?

What if you could supercharge your customer experience, creating a satisfying journey that ends with a sale? With our cutting-edge technology, you can revolutionize the way your customers interact with your products.




Enhance Your Customer Experience with Our AI-powered Product Suite


VisualizeX™ is the premier virtual fitting and try-on solution empowering apparel brands to reduce returns, boost conversions, and grow their business by ensuring customers get the right fit the first time. VisualizeX™ gives customers the power of preference by combining authentic 3D virtual garments, personalized avatars, and our patent-pending FitMap™ technology allowing customers to see where an item will fit loose or tight on their body. Customers can try on clothing and combine outfits with the snap of two photos and no app required.

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MeasureX™ empowers users to capture precise measurements through a sequence of photos on their mobile device, tablet, or laptop. By harnessing AI and sophisticated computer vision algorithms, MeasureX creates a 3D representation of the user's body, ensuring highly accurate measurements.


LookBookX™ is a cutting-edge AI-enabled Interactive look book redefining apparel presentation, showcasing garments in stunning 3D detail and offering multiple body profiles for personalized experiences. It's not just a tool; it's a visionary platform that integrates outfit analytics, enabling brands to harness customer-driven data for future fashion directions like never before.



ProductX™ is a cutting-edge tool designed to transform a customer’s e-commerce experience by providing photorealistic 3D visualizations and turnaround videos that can be seamlessly integrated within a website or marketing materials. ProductX is a game-changer in the online retail space, enabling businesses to showcase their products in a visually stunning and immersive manner that enhances the customer’s experience.

Vicky Pasche, CEO & Co-Founder, Dapper Boi

“Our Couture Technologies partnership enhances Dapper Boi’s mission of disrupting the fashion industry’s limited sizing and gender representation. As an e-commerce brand, our customers will love this. Dapper Boi and Couture Technologies are embracing the future of inclusive fashion with access to clothes that truly fit you inside and out.”


Couture Technologies™ has developed a suite of AI-powered solutions that empower retail brands to deliver an elevated and memorable customer experience. We provide virtual try on technology that shows customers how items will look and fit on their body, elegantly detailed 3D versions of products, a quick and easy process to get customer measurements, and an interactive lookbook that takes customers beyond static product images.



AI-Powered Apparel Innovation

Redefining E-commerce with Intelligent Technology

Size Recommendations

With your customer's measurements, you can provide accurate size recommendations for apparel.

Uniform Fitting

Get employees into the right size uniform without the need for costly in-person fittings.

Photorealistic 3D Renderings

Say goodbye to flat lifeless images and hello to immersive product interaction.

Virtual Try-Ons

Measurements from MeasureX™ can be combined with our VisualizeX™ product to enable customers to see how apparel items will look and fit on their body prior to purchase.

Fashion Design and Production

Use body models that reflect your actual customers' body profiles in order to streamline your new product development and testing process.

Market Research

Create body measurement datasets to help your company better understand changes in consumer trends and preferences.

Unleash The Power of AI and Machine Learning Today

 In a crowded marketplace, a Memorable Customer Experience is Everything. Enhance your e-comm business with AI-powered solutions that set your company apart. From virtual try on technology that shows customers how apparel items will look and fit on their body to an innovative body measurement system to beautifully detailed 3D product visualizations and interactive digital look books, we have a solution that can drive deeper engagement with your customers.

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