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Couture Technologies: The FitVisualizer™ & How It Works

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

By Couture Technologies

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Online shopping has revolutionized the way we find and purchase nearly everything we touch, but when it comes to clothing the experience still leaves much to be desired. Sizing isn’t uniform across brands, not all clothing is made for all body shapes, and the dreaded experience of ordering multiple sizes just to return all but one can be damaging to brands, customers, and the environment alike.

As a retailer or apparel brand, virtual fitting technology can help bridge the gap between the convenience of online shopping and the confidence in fit that comes with an in-store shopping experience. This is a way to strengthen the relationship with the customer and build trust and loyalty with your brand. For virtual fitting and try-on to be successful, customers need to accurately understand how an item will fit, but not all technologies are created equal when it comes to achieving this.

Generative AI vs. Couture AI:

AI is the buzzword of the moment across industries, but for anyone lacking a tech background it can be tricky to understand exactly how different types of AI work or the differences between machine learning models. Generative AI is typically the most talked about with its capabilities to intelligently create images and models based on patterns in the infinite data available on the internet. This powerful tech is changing the way we work and create, but it isn’t necessarily the most accurate when it comes to virtual fitting. Virtual try-ons powered by Generative AI use a “paper doll” approach that digitally paints on the clothing in question to automatically fit the body it’s presented with - great for creating content, but not ideal to determine what size clothing will fit best on a real human body. In other words, GenAI is not designed to show you the truth, but rather to generate an image that "looks good". However, what you really want is, precisely, the truth of how it will look and fit on your body.

This is where our approach at Couture Technologies comes in. Our goal is to help customers get the right fit the first time through our patent-pending approach to AI which is based on numerical simulations. Rather than showing an idealized image that isn’t necessarily realistic, our technology takes the exact dimensions of the different sizes of a garment and layers them on top of the measurements of a customer’s body. This way, customers can visualize how a garment will hang, drape, gape or pinch on the virtual representation of their body knowing they’re using the most accurate and realistic technology available.

In simpler terms, think of GenAI as the friend who wants to please you, and will always tell you that you look amazing no matter what. Couture's approach is more like the honest and transparent friend or professional stylist who will always be true to you.

While the technology itself is complex, the actual implementation and use is incredibly easy. From a business perspective, you send sizing documents to our team and we handle the rest. All customers have to do is enter their measurements or take a few photos, then our technology creates an avatar and digital garments so customers can “try on” different sizes to find their preferred fit.

How Couture's AI-Powered Fitting Technology Differs from Others:

  • Our FitVisualizer™ is a website add-on that allows brands to quickly integrate virtual fitting and try-on technology so their customers can visualize exactly how an item or even a full outfit will look and fit on their body.

  • Our FitMap™ allows customers to see where an item will fit loose or tight on their body and make the fit choice that aligns with their personal fit preferences.

  • Couture made a conscious decision to leverage numerical simulations because this is the only way to understand virtually how a product will fit with the same degree of specificity you would see in a dressing room. Instead of showing you a perfect version of an item that doesn’t exist, Couture’s simulation will show you exactly where an item will pinch, drape, cinch or gape.

  • Couture uses technology to allow customers to see their own body (not a model’s) reflected back to them. The garment they see is shown exactly how it will fit on their body as if they were trying it on in person. This isn't just another size recommendation tool - it’s about empowering users to find their preferred fit and wear garments in the way they choose. Giving you the power of preference.

For companies looking to help customers feel more confident in their purchases while building brand loyalty, the right virtual fitting and try-on technology can take their business to the next level. When customers know exactly what to expect, you can count on reduced returns, customer satisfaction and higher repeat business.

If you have any inquiries, want more details, or want to test out Couture Technologies' Virtual Fitting & Try-On solutions go to:

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