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Getting Started with Couture: A 4-Part Process to Seamlessly Integrate Virtual Fitting & Try-On

By Couture Technologies

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Brands are choosing Couture to reduce returns, increase conversions, and build customer confidence. So once you’ve signed a contract, how do you get Couture’s virtual try on up and running on your site? Our team’s goal is to make adding virtual fitting to your website as quick, streamlined, and simple as possible. Here are a few important pieces to keep in mind:

Translating Your Patterns & Sizing into Digital Garments

Send us your fit charts, digital files, and available data for the garments you’d like to offer virtual fitting along with photos, text descriptions, dim specs and .dxf files. In any case, if no digital files exist for the garment, companies can send the physical garment to Couture for measurement. The heavy lifting is now on our team from this point forward! We’ll get to work creating digital representations of every size of your garments so customers can find their preferred fit with confidence.

Integrating Our Tech with Your Website. Once your digital garments are all created, you’ll want to get them up on your site for customers to try! We seamlessly integrate into any website with just three lines of code. Couture also integrates with a Shopify plugin to get things up and running quickly and with ease. Companies can choose to either allow developer permissions to Couture so any install work is on our shoulders or follow a few short steps explained in a video to install it themselves. Either way, Couture’s developer team can jump on a call at any time to answer any questions about installation.

Beta Testing and Bug Fixing. Once the tech is on your website we like to take some time before making it available to the public to make sure their first experience with virtual try on will be completely without issue. This means taking about two weeks to make the link available privately to the brand and Couture’s team to try to “break” the system and identify any weak points. Once we’ve finished troubleshooting, we’ll fix any bugs and make sure the tech is ready to go live on the website for customers to officially try on garments virtually.

Driving Customer Results. The integration lift for brands is relatively light, and the experience for the customer is even easier. To see exactly how different garment sizes will cling, drape, or pinch, customers can create an avatar by taking two quick photos (that are never stored) or manually inputting their measurements - no app required. Your customers can then virtually try your garments with confidence, combine outfits to see how pieces will look together, and build out a digital closet with pieces they love. This means increased customer confidence, which leads to increased conversions and fewer returns.

Ready to get started? Contact our team to learn more about the solutions Couture can provide for your brand to better serve your customers.

If you have any inquiries, want more details, or want to test out Couture Technologies' Virtual Fitting & Try-On solutions go to:

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