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Maximizing Inventory Efficiency with VTO for Brands

By Lena Mayberry

An image of a person taking inventory on a clipboard in front of a rack of women's clothes on a graphic showing the blog title, "Maximizing Inventory Efficiency with VTO for Brands".

Shopping for clothes can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience, especially if we can't find the right size or style that fits and flatters our body. This can lead to dissatisfaction and disappointment, and can make us less likely to shop at a particular brand or store.

This is where Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology can help. VTO technology allows us to see how an item of clothing will look on us before we make a purchase, and can help us to find clothes that fit and flatter our body.

Virtual Try-On technology has the potential to revolutionize the way retailers approach sizing and inventory management. By utilizing data on consumer behavior and body scans, retailers can make informed decisions about what sizes and styles to stock in their stores and online.

One of the biggest challenges that retailers face is accurately predicting what sizes and styles will be most popular with their customers. This can lead to overstocking certain items and under-stocking others, resulting in lost sales and excess inventory that needs to be discounted or disposed of. Data from the Census Bureau reveals that as of July 2022, U.S. retailers have accumulated an unprecedented amount of inventory at $732 billion, representing a 21% increase compared to the previous year.

Virtual Try-On technology can help retailers overcome this challenge by providing data-driven insights into consumer preferences and body types. By allowing customers to virtually try on clothes using a body scan or digital model, retailers can gather valuable information about what styles and sizes are most popular. For example, VTO technology can track the number of times an item is viewed or tried on, and can identify trends and patterns in consumer behavior. This can help them to better forecast demand and avoid over- or under-stocking their inventory.

In addition, VTO technology can provide real-time feedback and reviews from customers, and can help brands to identify and address any issues or concerns with their products. This can help brands to improve the quality and fit of their clothes, and can help them to build trust and credibility with their customers.

The technology also has the potential to improve the customer experience. By allowing customers to see how clothes will look and fit on their own body, retailers can reduce the number of returns and exchanges due to incorrect sizing. This can save retailers time and money, while also improving customer satisfaction.

Overall, Virtual Try-On technology is a valuable tool for retailers looking to improve their sizing and inventory management. By leveraging data, consumer behavior, and body scans, retailers can make informed decisions about what sizes and styles to stock, resulting in increased sales and a better customer experience.

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