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Struggling To Reduce Returns And Increase Conversions?

Integrate VisualizeX™
Into Your E-commerce Site.

  • Transform your apparel brand's online shopping experience with AI-powered virtual fitting and try on technology

  • Reduce returns and bracketing behavior by increasing customer confidence in how items will look and fit on their body

  • Use customer body profile data to tailor your marketing, provide stronger recommendations, filter reviews, and so much more

  • Stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing tech forward landscape where customers expect personalized, exciting experiences

Why Apparel Brands Must Embrace
Virtual Fitting & Try-On Now

How High Returns, Loyalty Loss, and Environmental Impact Are Impacting the Fashion Apparel Industry


Return Rates & Bracketing

Approximately 20-40% of all apparel items bought online are returned due to size discrepancies or fitting issues.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

One of the top reasons apparel shoppers abandon their carts or leave a negative review is due to challenges with sizing and fit.


Impact on Sustainability

Reducing returns not only impacts a brand's bottom line, but also its environmental impact, which drives buying decisions more now than ever.


Drive Deeper Brand Loyalty

Around 70% of customers who frequently experience sizing issues are less likely to buy from the same brand again.


Embrace Personalization

Customers are driven to brands that offer personalized, digital experiences that feel like a brand really cares about and values them.


Rising Demand for Virtual Fitting Tools

More than 50% of online shoppers express interest in using virtual try-on tools to ensure better fit and reduce return rates.

Enhance Your Customer's Online Shopping Experience
& Grow Your E-Commerce Business In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1.

Schedule a personalized demo.

Step 2.

We'll create 3D versions of your apparel and integrate with your site.

Step 3.

Customers can create their personal avatar and see how apparel looks and fits on their body. 

How VisualizeX™ Helps Your Customers Get The Right Fit. The First Time.

Create 3D Versions of Your Products

Utilizing your brand's garment pattern files or physical garments, we create hyper-realistic digital replicas precisely tailored to size specifications. This approach ensures an accurate representation of your designs, allowing for virtual try-ons and visualizations that mimic real-world fitting and appearance, enhancing customer engagement and confidence in online purchases.


Create Accurate Avatars for Your Customers

Through Couture's innovative body measurement technology, MeasureX™, users get precise measurements of their body by simply taking 2 photos with their mobile device, tablet, or laptop. 

See How Items Look & Fit On Your Body

The only virtual fitting tool that gives the power of preference to the customer by:

  • Creating 3D garments true to specifications

  • Capturing precise body measurements

  • And mapping the two together

This allows customers to see how full outfits will look on their body and Couture's patent-pending FitMap™ technology shows where individual items will fit loose or tight.

Untitled design (4).png
Untitled design (5).png

Data Analytics

Gather actionable data about your customers' experiences that your team can use to make data-driven decisions that propel your brand forward. The world today is filled with data, but that data is only valuable when it can be used to drive change and better understand what your customers value and want to see from you moving forward. Couture's technologies provides powerful data that brands don't have access to today. Imagine being able to filter reviews for your customers so reviews from customers with similar profiles appear first or being able to design garments or fitness plans based on a deeper understand of your customers' body measurements. Couture's team works closely with our brand partners to gather the right data and synthesize it in a way that makes it accessible, understandable, and actionable.

Why You Should Integrate VisualizeX™
Into Your Brand's Website Today

Unlike outdated size recommendation tools and AR solutions that ignore actual item dimensions and fit, Couture Technologies' VisualizeX™ is a patent-pending, AI-powered solution that allows customers to see exactly how items will look and fit on their body and make choices about what to buy that reflect their personal fit preferences. With VisualizeX, customers can shop with confidence knowing that when items arrive on their doorstep, they will fit the way they fit on their virtual avatar.

Consumer Confidence

Increase conversions up to 30%

Environmental Sustainability

Decrease environmental impact and reach your sustainability goals

Retail Sustainability

Reduce return rates up to 20%

What Makes Us The Right Fit For Your Brand? 

Combine Outfits

Increase average order value up to 20%

No App Required

Keep customers on your website longer

Two Quick Photos

Gain customer insights for targeted marketing & product development

Empower Your Customers To Get The Right Fit, The First Time

Deanna photo 1.jpg


Seamlessly Integrate Virtual Fitting & Try-On 

Without distracting your IT team. We take care of everything for you.

Securely upload garments files or provide access to physical garments

Grant permission to access parts of your e-commerce site or we'll provide code to your team

Try and approve the 3D garments and FitMap™

Put together a PR plan, schedule  launch date and elevate your customer experience

VisualizeX™ Gives You The Tools You Need To Drive Results

Want to take a deeper dive into the multifaceted benefits that virtual fitting and try-on tools offer your brand and customers? Schedule a demo to discuss how to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sustainability.

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